Spice and Dice: An Upcoming Student-Run DND Podcast

Official Temporary LOGO for the Spice & Dice Podcast

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Official Temporary LOGO for the Spice & Dice Podcast

Spice and Dice: An Upcoming Student Run DND Podcast
By: Daulton L.

Welcome to the world of Spice and Dice, the podcast run by High-School Students. Join co-hosts Daniel B., Daulton L., Mackenzie D., and Codename:Dezeray on their adventures through various original worlds designed and created by said hosts. In these game worlds, Spice and Dice will be using the d&d 5th edition D20 system, at least for the first season but likely the whole show.
An introduction to the characters and the world itself
First, our first campaign will be set in a futuristic cyberpunk-style world, but more specifically the rich, fictional city of New Ethera. In this city, rather than building out, they built up; the further up you go, the more advanced the city becomes. At the bottom, you have the poor, the criminals, and the old town. This is not just a city of rich and poor. It’s a city of corrupt officials, criminal mobs, and vigilantes. First, up for characters is Nova, played by Codename:Dezeray, the tiefling rogue (Tieflings are people with demonic features such as warm skin, horns, tails, or even fangs) and daughter of the dominant crime boss in the city. She spends her time illegally racing, flirting her way into places she’s not supposed to be, and doing whatever she wants because getting in trouble doesn’t phase you when your family is *the* trouble. Dez described her character as “Act[ing] like a weasel on the outside, but is a dog on the inside.” The second character up is Eddy Ozone, played by Daniel B. An air genasi bard with a handheld keyboard and a somewhat mistrustworthy face, this Vince Offer look-a-like spends his time wallowing in self-pity after the death of his father, doing odd jobs for cash (even illegal ones), and just all-around being poor. Daniel has placed his own character as the “Comedic Relief” of the story. Finally, what happens when you take apart your action figures and mix Batman and Robin Hood together? You get Silver. Silver is a technological genius, a sneaking thief, and someone who tries to be funny but he isn’t. He spends his free time stealing from corrupt companies and governments, upgrading his gear, and trying to find ways to collapse the mob. Silver is voiced and played by Daulton L.
For those who don’t know or remember, here’s a brief review of how 5th edition works is, you roleplay in the world and scenarios of a “Dungeon Master” or “DM” using a set of 7 dice to use for different actions. The 7 dice are called D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20, and the Percentile. All stemming from D for dice and the number representing how many sides they have except the Percentile which is used for determining random things like what food is in a jar. The d4 is used for say a puny dagger or weak little spell. The D6 or the typical Monopoly Dice is used for a hatchet or slightly bigger spell, like a fireball. The D8 is used for a true sword, a holy strike, or the skills of some weapon masters. The D10 would be used for a longsword being wielded in a two-handed grip or a bolt of fire. The D12 is used for a great and powerful ax or lance. The D20 is the one used most often, it is rolled to make “saving throws,” attack rolls, and ability/skill checks. Saving throws occur when trying to resist, dodge, or muscle out of a trap, spell, or something like a dragon’s breath. Attack rolls are when you try to make an attack against a creature, with either a physical or spell made form. Finally, ability checks would be used when for example, trying to do a standing backflip you would roll a D20 and add an ability bonus chosen by the dungeon master. All these different uses require that you roll high enough or have enough of a bonus to pass the set DC, or difficulty check level, set by the Dungeon Master. So, if you like Dungeons and Dragons, or want to get into it via a podcast, please consider listening to Spice and Dice! Have a good day!

Mediums Where Spice and Dice is available for Listening: Anchor, Breaker, Google Podcasts, Pocket Casts, RadioPublic, and Spotify.

Final Note: The first episode for the podcast has been posted under the title of “Prologue.” Unfortunately, the show’s editor was finishing up the second episode when their computer crashed. We lost both the recordings for the first and second episodes. Because of this, our Dungeon Master has decided to rewrite a whole new story rather than running through both episodes again since it would feel artificial. While we are giving her time to rethink a new campaign, during this time one of the co-hosts is going to run a Two-Shot, or a two-session game that requires no previous nor further context. The Two-Shot will be entirely unedited and directly posted to all your usual podcasting channels by the time that you’re reading this.