ASB Fundraiser

Image by @mtsaceca
Past fundraiser held by ASB at a Vietnamese restaurant.

Students, teachers, staff, and family members all came together to support our school during each fundraising event. With their combined support, ASB and the Parent Booster Club are able to raise enough funds to plan events and activities that are beneficial to everyone here. If you haven’t had the opportunity to participate in these fundraisers, here’s your chance to!
Many who enjoy Vietnamese cuisine got the opportunity to eat delicious food and support ASB at the Saigon Avenue fundraiser on Friday, January 15th from 11 am to 6 pm. This fundraiser helped raise money for ASB events and activities. “I think the fundraiser was great because I was able to get lunch and help the school so we can have cool events in the future hopefully.” says Mt. SAC ECA junior Isaiah Rodriguez.
The Academic Booster Club (ABC) held a Fundraiser at a local Italian restaurant. Avolio’s, a family-owned restaurant, let the ABC host their fundraiser on Tuesday the 15th, from 11-9 pm, in which 20% of sales went directly back to

the students. On top of that, the ABC also held a $25 gift certificate giveaway to the restaurant which was held on the ABC Instagram page. Stephanie Caston, a Mt. SAC ECA parent won the $25 giveaway, she was declared the winner on the WPABC Instagram page. Overall, over $600 was made in profit from this fundraiser in which the money all goes back to the students.
If you haven’t had the chance to support the schools yet, both the Academic Booster Club and ASB are having upcoming fundraisers. The ABC is also holding another fundraiser at Sees Candies in preparation for Valentine’s day. The Fundraiser has been going on since the 19th of January and will end on the 29th of January. The ABC will be receiving all profits made from this fundraiser, the link to a website is on the ABC official Instagram page @mt.sac.eca.wolfpackabc. ASB’s Chipotle fundraiser will be happening on February 10th so make sure to go out, get some great food, and support Mt. SAC ECA! Follow ASB’s Instagram page to keep up with all future events and activities at @mtsaceca_asb