MECA Resolutions

Last year was obviously an interesting ride for everyone who endured it, but in this article we want to look on the bright side and welcome the beginning of 2021.

Several students from Mt Sac Early College Academy were asked what their New Year’s resolutions were prior to the New Year, but what did they hope for?

“read an entire new genre of books that i’ve judged prematurely, try to find a new clothes style so i can express myself more accurately…. room revamp” -Yara Elsayed

“To get better at voice acting and to stop procrastinating” -Madison Diaz

“Read more….learn something new….eat more healthy” -Matthew Korey Rivera

“gain more confidence… be more outgoing…be nicer” -Laura “Gracie” Padilla

“stretch more” -Matthew Diaz

“More drawings” – Lauren Le

“Less time on electronics because i am basically on it all day….spend more time with family” – Issac Barragan

“My new year’s resolutions this year would probably be health. I like to keep my resolutions vague so I can always improve in some way. To me, resolutions should be improvement, even if that means declining the negative. Health to me just means doing things in moderation. Video games, eating, sleeping, anything that can help my mental and physical health.”- Daniel Barajas , freshman

“My goal is to better understand what makes me special, what makes me me” – Liana Mayo, freshman

“My new year’s resolutions are to better take care of my body, and to be more proactive on life” -Benjamin Liu, freshman

“just want to break bad habits and be more in touch with nature” – Vivianne (Everett) Alquicira, freshman

“Eat less and run more, try and stay healthy” – John Scheel, freshman

“I’ve pretty much had the same New Year’s resolution all my life and that is to be a better person.” – Anabel Martinez, freshman

“One of my New Year’s resolutions has to be being more organized in time management and that includes less procrastinating too. Also mainly because time management is very important” -Vannessa Ramos, freshman

“Improving my art skills or finishing writing a book” – Olly, freshman