Best Reads of December


Christmas is coming and Hanukkah has started today as winter emerges. Holiday break will give you time to get some reading in while snuggling by a fire on Christmas, or maybe even on Christmas Eve if you celebrate the Swedish tradition of Jolabokaflod. For this week, you can check out these books to start reading and maybe get to reading even more in January. There will be tons of genres depending on what you’re looking for. You will find everything from suspense to adventure and even a little bit of mystery for here is the best reads of November. The Assassination of Brangwain Spurge (9780763698225): Anderson, M.T., Yelchin, Eugene, Yelchin, Eugene: Books
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December is a great time to read. It is cold and you have time with your family and time to sit in a blanket while reading a good book. The best books for a nice snuggling read are a good fantasy book. A good fantasy book would be The Assassination of Brangwain Spurge. The book is about an elf named Brangwain Spurge who is to be assassinated for his offense to a royal family. The book tells of his great adventure of escaping his death with one other man. The story is not like many other fantasy books and will bring a great sense of adventure to you much more than many others will. He tries to keep something safe but what that may be is for you to find out. The book is 525 pages long but don’t be deterred because some of the pages are pictures and the spacing of the letters are much bigger than most books making it look longer than it really is.                                     

Now if that did not please you then here is another. If you are looking for a good heartwarming story then look no further than, Tuesdays With Morrie. Recommended by Dolores Chavez, parent of this freshman student at MECA, the story tells of a student and his professor meeting again and having some of the greatest conversations, speaking and changing each other for the better. Turning a workaholic who barely spends time with his wife into a caring man. All because of some time spent with his old professor. Mrs. Chavez says, “The thing I loved so much about the book was the stories it told and when Morrie wanted a living funeral so that he could hear the stories told about him before he dies and not be able to after.”

It seems as if it is really hard to please you. If you do not like fantasy and don’t like science fiction or philosophy then perhaps an adventurous love trilogy. This is not Top 10] Why You Should Read The CHAOS WALKING Trilogy by Patrick Ness – faerieontheshelfjust one book but three. The books follow the chaos walking trilogy. The first is The Knife of Never Letting Go which takes place in the future more or less. It is a world where men’s thoughts can be heard by women. So the women had to go and so they did, but a boy who is soon turning into a man has found a girl and must take care of her for she could be taken to. This story follows across all three books. The second is The Ask And The Answer and the third is “The Monster of Men.” If you really don’t feel like reading the books, then a movie will be released soon. The movie is scheduled to release on January 22nd of next year but as many know, the movie is never as good as the book.

The fun of reading is what you seek and these books will hopefully bring fun into your life. These books are an escape and a new way to explore a new world to find yourself in someone else’s story.