Freshman Friday | Vivianne Alquicira

Vivianne Alquicira, is an inspiring student here at Mt. SAC Early College Academy. They are known by the students here as one of our best artists. Their drawing skills have really shown everyone how talented they are.

Vivianne Alquicira with their bird Buckbeak.

Since they are passionate about art, they decided to take the art class with Ms. Hoffman. They stated, “her class is always interesting and I feel like I’ve really benefited from her class.”

Vivianne was scared at first because they didn’t know many people, but eventually they said they learned that everyone is sweet and are good people.

When asked about their inspiration for art, Vivianne stated that they never knew they were passionate until their uncle pointed it out. He gave them a sketchbook to draw in one year, and as Vivianne drew in it over time, they figured out how much they love to do it.

They never grew out of drawing over the years. “Drawing never left my side, it was like that one childhood friend that sticks to you forever.” They are still creating wonderful artworks to this day.

Vivianne claims drawing is their creative escapism and that’s why they have been doing it for so long. They stated, “it helps me formulate ideas and bring them to life, it helps me build and create entire worlds!”

Sometimes, they do not have fun with drawing, but that’s because they get art-block or are not pleased with the final product.

Art block is a term artists use when they lose interest in drawing or can not think of new ideas to draw of.

Even when Vivianne is not pleased with the final product, they always know that they can improve, and keep striving towards creating the best work they can.

Some works that Vivianne likes to draw are in the fantasy genre. For example, their artwork leans towards animals and mythical creatures. They also claim that character design is really fun, and now they are getting into realism.

Recently, Vivianne has been drawing digitally where they also like to make short animations. That’s where they practice making backgrounds, and hyper realism.

Vivianne’s influence on art started when they were a young child. Disney movies inspired them to create some of their artwork today, as well as their aunt.

Their aunt has a Minor in art and helped Vivianne as an artist, as well as taking care of them too.

Vivianne’s turkey drawing assignment for Ms. Hoffman’s class.

When Vivianne is older they claim they want to pursue a job in the art field. They also claim working in a STEM field would be nice too. They would like to incorporate their artistic talents with architecture, or game design.

They stated, “Art has been a big influence in my life and it would feel odd to not take it with me through my working career.”

For any people out there reading this who want to be an artist, Vivianne has given some free advice for that.

They claim the first thing to do is just start. Go with whatever you want to draw and start so you keep going with it. They also brought up that art doesn’t have to necessarily “look good”. Art can be a bunch of different things! For example, poetry, writing and sculpting are many good examples of different arts to get into.

Vivianne’s take on this subject is that, “In the end, art is an interpretation of our world, and art is meant to be shared. You may not realize it now, but one day, your art will impact someone, so just keep going.”

Vivianne is truly an inspiration and an overall good person/friend to others. In fact, Isaac Barragan, ninth grader states, “for the nine years that I have known them, they have always been the most caring person ever. Besides their big brain in math, they have always been open to making new friends. Overall they are one of the most fun, caring people I have ever met.” He went on to claim they have never been afraid to talk to people so that’s why they have stayed his friend.

If you would like to talk to Vivianne, you can DM them on Discord! Discord is a social network online where people can text or call once you accept a friend request. Their code is EightBitDigit#9254 and they would be happy to talk to you!

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