Teachers and Students: the Struggles of Distance Learning


Image by Academy Chronicle Staff

“For me the hardest thing about online learning is paying attention,” freshman Daniel Barajas said.

Online learning is all new to us and is forced on us because of the pandemic; teachers and students from all around the world have not really experienced this type of environment of learning. Some problems with online learning, as opposed to in-class learning, is not being able to listen to their teachers lectures because of internet problems, activities not being able to be finished because of technology, and much more.
Still we shouldn’t give up just yet. In-person learning is a lot more engaging but don’t let that discourage you; there are some perks to being online instead of being in person. Such as being able to be more familiar with technology and how different online platforms work, such as Google Classroom, Schoolloop, and Google Meets. Online learning also helps parents see how to help their kids in school with websites that can monitor their kid’s grades.
Still, online learning has a lot of downsides to it. Many teens are frustrated with not being able to really have a conversation with each other about a subject or teachers not being able to present and show a video because of lag.
“For me the hardest thing about online learning is paying attention,” freshman Daniel Barajas said. “Having your bed next to you during class is a very tempting offer at times, and at times you feel it’s impossible to listen.”
If we were in person we could converse to anyone about any subject and be shown a presentation without the lag to come with it. We wouldn’t need to worry about our internet connection or our computer slowing down.
Online learning can be really stressful at times. Try to remember these 3 rules whenever you’re having issues with online learning.
Whenever you’re having trouble with internet problems remember to contact a teacher about your situation because they will understand and help your problem to be solved.
Remember to keep calm and take breaks when you’re allowed to. Sitting around your computer almost all day is very straining on your eyes, so try to go outside or do something not having to do with technology on your breaks.
Don’t give up. It’s a weird time we live in right now but we should just shrug it off and keep on moving forward.
Online learning is all new to us. Please if you can, share a story of online learning and how to overcome the challenges that come with online schooling. We are all having difficulty with online class and a bit of advice can go a long way for some people.