The Sustainability Project is Coming to an End

Story by Violet Gallegos

Everyone is familiar with the project that has been assigned over two months ago is now finally being presented. This project required students to work hard and to complete many assignments surrounding an environmental topic of their choice. As the project comes to an end, student explain their experiences both with working with people and with learning about new environmental topics.

The part students are most nervous and afraid of is presenting their project to not only the whole school, but also Mt. SAC officials. Each group member must be knowledgeable about their environmental issue and all parts of the project so they are able to inform the Mt. SAC officials about why it is a problem. Students must dress formally and act professionally when they present their project elements as they count as ten percent of their grade in each class.

However, students are getting well prepared for their final presentations to ensure that all their hard work pays off. Students keep a hopeful and positive mindset and do everything they can to present the best possible ending product.

Luckily, the project is concluding, bringing students relief and accomplishment after working hard on it for months.