Top 3 Christmas Movies

Story by The Journalism Team

  1. The Nightmare Before Christmas

“Nightmare Before Christmas” is another Tim Burton classic that combines two beloved holidays: Christmas and Halloween! This movie allows for creepy monsters and Christmas time delight, and it’s characters are unforgettable. Watching Jack Skellington, the king of Halloween, try to conquer Christmas is both exciting and humorous! The original songs that are played throughout the film are also a key highlight, because each musical scene clearly expresses the movie’s theme and aren’t annoying; unlike some musical segments in other movies. Every time Christmas, or Halloween, rolls around, we think you should give this movie a watch. But for many of
you, we don’t need to recommend this movie to you!

2. Elf

Elf is just one of those classic Christmas movies that you have to watch. When the holidays roll around,
this movie is guaranteed to be watched at least once. With its hilarious scenes and great acting, it’s no wonder why
people continuously watch this movie year after year. Will Ferrell plays one the most well-known characters in
Christmas Cinema that bring a laugh every time. This movie mixes comedy and heartfelt endings to create one of the most classic Christmas movies of all time. It’s whimsical, funny, and a great holiday movie.

3. Home Alone

Home Alone is another amazing and well- known Christmas movie. This adventure/ comedy is timeless! Created
in 1990, it showcases all the great elements of Christmas in amazing ways, making it a must watch when the
holidays come around. This movie is humorous and entertaining but also sentimental at the same time. It shows
us how much family is important which matches the theme of the holidays