Winter Break Ready

Story by Violet Gallegos

Finals aren’t the only thing coming as the semester ends, we have winter break! Students celebrate winter holidays and take winter break as an opportunity to do things they usually don’t have time for during regular weekdays.
“I am going to sleep.” Student Jaytin Sampat said. Some students are up studying and doing homework so they are looking to get some rest during the break.

Students also have Christmas traditions with their families. “On Christmas, I stay up until midnight and each person in my family opens a present then we go back to sleep and open the rest of them in the morning,” George Acuna said. Other students celebrate other holidays along with New Years. “I don’t usually celebrate Christmas, but this year my mom bought a Christmas tree and we decorated it with lights,” Student Zoey Liang said. “Also, on New years all the kids get money from the Elderly.”

Besides all the holiday celebrations and traditions, students also use winter break as a time to hang out with their friends and spend more time doing one of their hobbies. “I will probably go to the mall or the movies with my friends,” Zoey added. Some students also travel to visit family and friends, see snow, or to see holiday attractions.
Even though students spend winter break differently, it is still a great time that people look forward to every year.

Students Joseph Mayoralgo, Braylon Ervin, Vincent Hernandez, and Jacob Ramirez posing for a picture.
Student Jaytin Sampat showing the “OK” sign