Finals are Here! How Students are Feeling

Story by Ruben Barbero

Finals are beginning on December 14th, and continuing the school days afterwards until December 19th, which is the start of winter break. Many students are stressed out, as these upcoming tests can make or break your grade. Especially in Spanish, which most students take, this final takes up 50% of their total grade! However, their stress can be manifested for different reasons.

“I am very stressed”, said MECA student Arturo Escobar,” because I haven’t studied”. MECA student Hafsa Shafiq is split, but she believes she can be not stressed. “If I was not stressed”, said Hafsa Shafiq, “It’s because I remembered most of my material, and if I reviewed it I would get pretty good grades.”

The teacher’s views contrast to those of the students. For example, Mr. Colin, the English teacher at MECA, believes the finals are not as bad as we think they are. “You stress a lot about it before,” Mr. Colin said, “and then realize it wasn’t that bad”

While these incoming tests not only assess our class knowledge but also our stress limits, tips have been given by Ms. Hoffman, the art teacher, to help make the seemingly insurmountable finals be just a bit easier.

“If you study a little bit each day and you take care of yourself and you eat well and you sleep well”, said Ms. Hoffman, “You will be able to do a lot better.”

The finals week schedule showing which periods have finals on which days and their times.