Disney Fans All Over the World are Excited for Disney’s Newest Movie, Frozen 2


Image by Disney

Elsa from Frozen 2 goes on an all-new adventure.

Story by Dyanna Gracia, Staff Writer

Disney fans all over the world are excited about Disney’s newest movie, Frozen 2 which hit theaters 5 years after the first Frozen. The sequel hit theaters in the US and UK on November 22, coming awfully close to the first Frozen’s release date on November 27, 2013. Unlike most Disney ratings, Frozen 2 has a PG rating for most of the action and mild rude humor.

In the first movie, Elsa, the queen of Arendelle worried that her ice powers were too much for her kingdom, resulting in her fleeing on her coronation day. Her younger sister, Anna, along with help from adorable Olaf, Kristoff, and Sven, she was able to find her sister and help her regain confidence that there was good inside of her and her powers.

A Mt. Sac ECA family member said, “That movie basically made up my childhood. I’m so excited to see the new movie, it’s been quite a long wait, too!”
The sisters were last seen in Disney’s short film Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, where Olaf, the sprightly snowman, tried to help each of the sisters figure out their holiday tradition for the Christmas. However, it turns out that the girls’ tradition was Olaf.

Now, Elsa must worry if her powers are enough to save her entire kingdom. But, she still has her sister Anna, and friends by her side. Although, we are not given a whole lot from the trailer there are quite a few scenes given that show the 5 characters in a forest, while, leaves are being blown throughout the air.

“I’m excited, the movie looks very different from the original and it looks like it takes a diverse turn on the story line.” said Michaela Chung, a freshman here at Mt. Sac ECA.

With the album released, several fans have pointed out that the song, sung by Elsa, or Idina Menzel, “Into the Unknown” will most likely be the new “Let it Go!” With the amount of attention the film is getting, it seems impossible for it to fail or disappoint Disney fans!