The Second Orienteering Meet


Image by Mt. SAC ECA Parent

MECA’s Orienteering team at their second meet. From left to right: (standing) Sydney Sherred, Lauren Pate, LJ, Montse Morales, Sierra Orozco, and Seng Lahpai. (bottom) Ms. Wilcox, Nathaniel Cadena, Giovanna Ngo, Zoe Burrola, and Sebastian Burrola.

Story by Lauren Pate and Abigail Vargas

The Mt SAC ECA Orienteering team went to Bonelli Regional Park for their second competition, which took place on March 8; this competition, however, went very differently than the first, and in a turn of events, many people got lost. 

Orienteering is a sport that combines navigation and running. You must use a compass and a map to figure out where you are and how to get to the next checkpoint on the course. Whoever finishes fastest wins. You can, however, go in teams, where one person navigates and the other guides the way through the trail. 

While orienteering seems easy, it can be very difficult to understand the map and read it correctly, which can cause you to get lost. The course the team participated in was intermediate, not beginner which they did in the first match. So, with this harder course many teams faced obstacles throughout the competition; one team even ended up behind Raging Waters at someone’s house!

While no awards were given during this meet, due to the Orienteering team joining halfway through the season, all of the participants in the competition from our school got badges to remember the experience from.

Contact Ms. Wilcox for more information on joining this amazing team!