Area 51: No Aliens Here


Image by Ms. Bell

Two students demonstrating Naruto running, from the popular Anime series Naruto. According to the Facebook Event, “if we Naruto run, we can run faster than their bullets.”

Story by Nikolas Caston, Staff Writer

Two million alien enthusiasts planned to storm Area 51 on September 20,2019, but with the few thousands that really showed up, it was almost impossible to raid the military base; only two arrests occurred at the event.

The original post mentions hordes of Naruto Runners, Karens, rock throwers, and Kyles, and lots of cosplayers; all who were meant to take part in the raid near Rachel, Nevada. Instead, people made an appearance near the highly classified United States Air force facility looking to have a good time.

The ‘Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us’ Facebook event officially took place on September 20, 2019, and was drastically different than what everyone expected. Though people attempted to bring awareness to their alien conspiracy theories, it ultimately turned out to be a party filled with alien-themed music and meme-lords.

According to an article written by Jacob Geanous on, a small group of approximately 100 people broke away from the party and traveled just outside of the facility. Five of those 100 people were consequently detained and arrested, however. One woman simply walked past the gate, while another man urinated on the fence, gaining himself an escort out of the area.