Timberwolves Have Spirit

Mt. SAC ECA recently had spirit week where students had the ability to dress up with Disney clothing, and so as the week went.


MECA Students twinning during Spirit Week. From left to right: Jonathan Gutierrez, Armie Hermogeno, Izabella Zepeda, Francine Callanta, and Maya Quintero

Story by Valeria Moreno and Lynette Vasquez

Previously Published October 2 2019


On Monday, students able to wear Disney themed outfits on their clothing or accessories. There were a lot of teachers that were all decked out with Disney accessories along with many other students. Sophia Goreen, a freshman, said, “The day was well-planned so that many people could participate.”


Students wore Marvel and DC, the well-known comic makers, gear on Tuesday in accordance to spirit week . Lynette Vasquez, another freshman, said that she enjoyed seeing what others wore.


On Wednesday, students and staff honored the men and women who lost their lives on 9/11. On that day, students wore red, white, and blue to contribute. “Since this day is very special,” the principal at Mt. Sac ECA, Ms. Leuthold, broadcasted a speech across the school in honor of 9/11. Therefore, students had a moment of silence for those who lost their lives to have gratitude and cherish every moment we have in this world.


Thursday students dressed up as twins with our friends. Lauren Pate, a freshman, stated, “Dressing up like twins with her friends was fun.” The student that dressed up with her for spirit week was Jucinda Lopez. She added, “She would do it again”. The teachers also dressed up for most days but on Thursday they all dressed in black clothes, so they were all twins.


Finally, on Friday students got to represent their school. They wore their Mt.SAC ECA shirts and hoodies. This last day was important because it was students’ final day to show their wolfpack spirit!