Hurricane Dorian: Tragedy in the Bahamas

Story by Nikolas Caston, Sophia Goreen, and Lauren Pate

The photo above shows the outcome of the hurricane that recently hit the Bahamas. (Gonzalo Gaudenzi/AP Photo)

Previously Published October 2 2019

Hurricane Dorian, one of the most dangerous hurricanes on scale, has recently torn through the once peaceful Bahamas, destroying homes and lives, but recovery can be found through the help and donations of others.

Imagine losing your home, country, family, or friends to this Hurricane. Not only is this affecting people right now but it will also affect the future layout and decisions of the Bahamas. The roads will need repaving/rebuilding and buildings and homes will need to be reconstructed. Not only has the traumatic event destroyed homes, roads, and families, it has destroyed precious memories of first steps, first words, and so much more. Jessica Sanabria, freshman, gave light to the situation, and stated “It’s devastating how thousands of people’s homes and livelihoods got washed away in a matter of days. During times like these, it reminds us all of what we have to be grateful for, and to help others gain back what they lost.”

Over one thousand residents evacuated after the natural disaster, and many are left struggling to evacuate the terror struck country. “The situation is pretty dire here,” a college student named Kristoff Strachan on Grand Bahama told MSNBC, “It’s just a lot of people trying to get out.” Many people are left without a home and fundamental resources for survival. As a result, people are uniting to help survivors by donating resources such as food; the Salvation Army is working very closely with the Bahamas. A way to contribute through this organization is by making direct donations of money; this goes towards certain supplies needed. Fundraising is also a way to contribute and help out the many affected by this unfortunate event.

Since this event has negatively impacted the lives of so many, our school community can take part in raising money to help supply the needed resources to survivors. You can assist people in need by promoting awareness and giving donations to the victims of this horrible tragedy.

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