Bubble Mania

The final house competition is upon us. The teams are ready to fight to the death for the coveted prize: Mr. Colin’s mullet headband. But…only one team can come out on top. Let’s jump right into our competition…

The infamous Mullet Headband

The teams paired up and stared each other down from across the field. No one knew what was going on until the hoses, which only expelled bubbles, were handed out to each player. The teams finally understood what was going on, and no one wanted to lose. The buzzer counted down 3, 2, 1, and everyone ran at each other with one goal in mind: make your opponents drown with bubbles in their throat. The teams screamed as they saw their fellow classmates with bubbles covering their face. But still, they charged on until all the members from Delta were dead.

But of course, the Deltas came back. Too strong to withhold the hands of Death, the bubbles were meaningless!. But Sigmas on the other hand, couldn’t handle the heat and within seconds, they had completely perished. No amount of resuscitation could
bring them back. NO AMOUNT. And with the Sigmas destroyed, only three teams were left. Gamma immediately ran away from the field, fearing the moment that they would choke on bubbles.

But Gamma’s efforts were futile, as bubbles began to rise from the ground from the pressure of all the water being used, effectively trapping them in place. However, no one noticed how the Kappa team worked together, using the fallen Sigma’s hose to blow back any other attacks and make their own counterattack. The Delta’s were taking it slow, and somehow entered the ranks of the Kappa to survive until the end. With Gamma in the corner and a shrunken Delta, the Kappa seemed to be the one
victor of this competition.

And then out of nowhere, Ms. Hoffman launches her Birkenstock across the room and hits Mr. Fisch right in the nose. And so Maureen decides to defend her PE teacher and begins to conjure up a spirit using her harmonica. The spirit appears and tells Maureen, along with the rest of the Deltas, I will grant you 3 wishes. But choose wisely, because these things tend to backfire.

Ms. Hoffman’s Birkenstock

Immediately the Deltas began to shout out stupid wishes, like an Off White flip flop (slides) and a strand of Cardi B’s hair. The wishes were wasted, except for the last wish. Maureen took the last wish and decided that all she wanted was to take a nap, so she was transported back home in bed leaving the rest of the Deltas to fend for themselves. The Deltas with one final stand used the Off White flip flop to rival Ms. Hoffman’s Birkenstock, in order to save Mr. Fisch. As for the strand of Cardi B’s hair, a Gamma member stole it.

The gamma member was none other than Keana, however little did everyone know IT WAS JUST MR. COLIN IN DISGUISE. He took of his wig and ran back to the Delta headquarters. But then, Ms. Hoffman noticed this and tattle-tale-ed on him. As Ms.
Hoffman was taking her last breaths, she announced that Mr. Colin was cheating. Then, Mr. Colin ran out the door and set off the fire alarm and everyone died from the poisonous water coming out of the fire thingies, except for Mr. Colin who was never seen again, leaving the others dead and mulletless.