Summertime Timeline

Story by Maureen Smith, Staff Writer

Originally published May 21 2019

This upcoming summer is going to be packed with movies, with 6 movies being released in June. Here’s a quick Timeline on some of the summer blockbusters. With many genres premiering, most moviegoers will be satisfied!


May 17 – John Wick
I know May is not traditionally a summer month, but on the Irish Calendar it is so good enough! To summarize the plot,
John Wick is a hitman that has gotten on the hitman organization’s bad side, so now he has a $14 million hit placed on his life. Action and suspense fans will take a liking to this movie since John Wick movies are very combat heavy, since it is about a hitman. Since the movie came out last Friday: the score on Rotten Tomatoes is currently 88%!

May 31 – Godzilla
There have been countless movie adaptations of the mythical monster, Godzilla. However, this movie seems to have a different spin on the tale of the king of the monsters. The plot seems to be that massive, chaotic monsters have popped up
around the world, so desperate humans decide to awaken Godzilla in hopes that it will defeat the other monsters for them. This is a great movie for sci-fi and suspense fans, or for fans of Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven from Stranger Things)!

June 7 – X-Men
Another X-Men movie that takes a peak back at the younger counterparts of the superhero team. This one involves Jean Grey and her transformation into the Dark Phoenix, an evil counterpart of the telekinetic X-Men member. This movie premieres on the last day of school, so it could serve as a celebration treat for surviving the school year. For superhero fans, especially Marvel fans, this would be a nice movie to see during the summer.

June 14 – Men in Black International
The famous Men in Black franchise is receiving a reboot that stars Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson, who also worked together in Thor Ragnarok. This movie follows the intergalactic/inter-dimensional mission of the two Men in Black agents as they protect the Earth from alien threats. Great movie for sci-fi lovers, and for people who want to see the Thompson and Hemsworth duo again! Just try not to forget the movie if you do watch it! (get the reference?)

June 14 – The Dead Don’t Die
This movie also premieres on June 14, not sure if that’s a good move. The movie seems to be a comedic thriller, much like Zombieland or Shawn of the Dead, where a zombie outbreak occurs and random civilians band together to try to survive. It features Bill Murray (think of Ghostbusters) and Adam Driver (think of Star Wars), an interesting dynamic but it could work! For over-the-top comedy lovers, this is a good movie to catch during the summer!

June 21 – Toy Story 4
You’re never too old to watch a Disney film (I guess)! So for those of you who want to be nostalgic over the summer, or just want to get your younger siblings out the house, then here’s your movie. Toy Story 4 takes place during a road trip that the toys go on with their new child, Bonnie, but after a couple incidents Woody runs into an old friend. Since there are so many action movies premiering, maybe this movie will serve as a break from all the drama!

June 21 – Child’s Play
Interesting, a horror movie premiering the same day as a Disney movie! Another reboot that has been done multiple times too, I’m seeing the patterns. For horror fans, this movie will satisfy your needs as it retells the classic tale of Chucky, the murderous doll. Only difference is that now the kids are the ones who will have to take down the serial killer trapped inside the play toy. It’s also produced by the same people who produced IT if that helps!

June 26 – Annabelle Comes Home
With this movie premiering the next week, you could watch horror movies back to back if you wanted, and it’s about another creepy doll too! Annabelle Comes Home stars the notorious doll, Annabelle, who has been locked in a room by two paranormal investigators. But of course the room doesn’t really keep Annabelle unhindered from causing havoc in their house. If you’re ready for some jumpscares and prepared to be traumatized by a doll, then here’s your movie!

July 2 – Spiderman Far From Home
And of course, what’s a summer without a Marvel movie coming out! Spiderman: Far From Home takes place almost directly after Avengers Endgame, so the movie will contain Endgame spoilers! Peter Parker, Spiderman, takes a vacation with his friends to Europe, but he has to put his trip on hold in order to help Nick Fury stop a couple villains. For people who like action with sprinkles of comedy, or who just like Tom Holland, this will be a great movie for you!

July 19 – The Lion King
Another Disney movie for nostalgic movie goers, and for those who just want to hear realistic animals sing “Hakuna Matata!” The Lion King is one of Disney’s live action remakes of their classics. Even though many might already know the plot, I’ll try to explain it anyway (even if I never watched The Lion King). Simba is banished by his uncle after his father, the Lion King, is killed. So he must learn the ropes of life in the wild, and one day return to his land to be king.

August 2 – Hobbs and Shaw
The ninth installment in The Fast and Furious franchise, Hobbs and Shaw focuses on two rivals as they partner up to stop a bio-threat from being released. This will be the last movie of the summer, or at least for students going back to school in August, so why not end it with an explosive blockbuster! The Fast and the Furious has a reputation for being filled with over-the -top action sequences, so action fans will be satisfied. Rest in Peace, Paul Walker.