The Final House Competition: The Results

Story by Ruben Barbero, Staff Writer

Originally published May 21 2019

The school year is coming to an end, and therefore, the house competitions. Who came out on top?

The Final House Competition

One side of the MPR in the House Competition (Unknown)

The last house competition held last Friday was intense, with three highly competitive events. Kappa won this house competition, placing first in all three of the competitions, and broke Delta’s streak, who placed last.

Arturo, Braylon, and Joseph prepare themselves as
Jacob, Anisa, and Rene rush forward in the game,
“Dragon Tails”. (Unknown)

The three minigames, Dragon tail, Hungry Hungry Hippos, and Obstacle Course were exciting to
watch. The first event in the house competition, the Obstacle Course, ended surprisingly quickly with the Kappa’s being first.
Dragon Tail, which started as a free-for-all, ended with a close match between Gamma and Kappa, with Kappa taking the Gamma team’s tail. Finally, Hungry Hungry Hippos pit Kappa and Gamma in the finals, and once again, Kappa won.

Dylan-Diego Villagrana and Kenneth Pham face off for supremacy in, “Hungry Hungry Hippos” (Unknown)

These competitions were surely a highlight of each month, and I am looking forward for what ASB comes up with next year.