Top 10 Horror Movies at MECA


Story by Gloria Amador, Staff Reporter

A survey was put out asking students their top 10 scary movies and all together we have the top 10 movies picked for MECA. We asked you guys to fill out a form with 87 different options for scary movies. All the movies were the originals, meaning no remakes or sequels.

This is in order of ten to one (one being the best) 

10) Don’t Breathe (Directed by Fede Álvarez)  Rating: (R) 

  • When three thieves who break into rich people’s houses, find out an old blind man inherited a lot of money after the death of his only child. They think to not pass up the chance for the money believing it to be an easy theft. They break into the house to find themselves now trapped inside and must fight for their life to get out after they learn how dangerous this man is and that they might end up being his victims. 

9) Idle Hands and Darkness Falls were tied for ninth place 

  Idle hands (Directed by Rodman Flender) Rating: (R) 

  • A kid living a normal teenage life, ends up getting a demonic force to take control of his right hand on accident. As he goes along he ends up killing his two best friends and they come back as two witty zombies. He soon finds that his love life with his crush will be a lot more strange.

Darkness Falls  (Directed by Jonathan Liebesman) Rating: (PG-13) 

  • A group of friends have heard the ghost stories of Matilda Dixon, an old woman in the 1800s who was killed by a mob after she was thought of killing children. Now the town of Darkness Falls must fight the spirit of Matilda and figure out the truth around her legend.  

8) Stir of Echoes (Directed by David Koepp) Rating: (R)

  • Tom, a family man that dismisses supernatural phenomena’s starts to reconsider his dismissal when his wife’s sister puts him into a trance that awakens something supernatural in him. When he woke up, he now obtained a psychic connection with his own son and started gaining visions of his missing neighbor. Using his visions he tries to find the missing girl, but his search starts to become a lot more dangerous where now his life might be put on the line. 

7) The Blair Witch Project (Directed by Eduardo Sánchez and  Daniel Myrick) Rating: (R)

  • Three film students traveled to a small town to collect footage about the Blair Witch. The town’s infamous murder that was accused of witchcraft and the film students plan to make a documentary on them. Over the days, the students interview townspeople and collect information about the Blair Witch. But the project takes a turn when the students lose their way in the woods and begin hearing horrific noises.

6) Halloween (Directed by David Gordon Green) Rating: (R) 

  • Halloween night, six year old Michael Myers murdered his 17-year-old sister in 1963 and was convicted of the crime. He was sentenced and locked away for 15 years for the crime and after these years an older 21-year-old Michael Myers ends up stealing a car and escapes the day before Halloween. 15 years after the murder of his sister, Michael Myers is back in his hometown and now look for his next victims on the night of Halloween. 

5) Scream (Directed by Wes Craven) Rating: (R)

  • A masked knife maniac called Ghost Face is going around stalking and killing a group of high-school students. The group of friends are getting killed off one by one, but it seems that the killer is someone they know as most of the murders end up revolving around them.

4) Salem’s Lot  (Directed by Larry Cohen, Tobe Hooper) Rating: (R)

  • In Salem’s Lot, from the age of 5 to 9 a writer named Ben Mears lived there, but that writer visits his hometown again later in the future to write a new novel. After coming back he starts to realize that the people he once knew are now becoming vampires.

3) Dog Soldiers (Directed by Neil Marshall) Rating: (R)

  • A training mission of a small squad of British soldiers, expected to meet up with a black ops team to find that only one is left alive. The same people that attacked the black ops team return, but the soldiers are saved by a zoologist who has identified that they are werewolves and are hunting them down. Knowing this they must hide and now survive till the full moon is gone. 

2) Train to Busan  (Directed by Yeon Sang-ho) Rating: (TV-MA) 

  • On their way to Busan, a man and his daughter board the train, but a virus that turns people to zombies starts to spread in South Korea. Now on the train they have to survive while zombies roam all of South Korea.  On the train they’re trapped on as it’s their only possibility to survive.  

1) The Thing (Directed by John Carpenter) Rating: (R)

  • In Antarctica, a group of scientists are caught off guard when a helicopter shooting a rogue sled dog stumbles upon their camp. They take the dog in but soon it starts attacking people and other dogs in the camp in a new grotesque form. They realize the thing can take the form of its victims and tries to blend in, but once it’s found it does anything it can to survive. A helicopter pilot has to lead the camp, and find a way to kill the monster before it can kill all of them and escape into civilization. 

These are the top ten favorite scary movies in MECA!