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Picture of freshmen Ava Roman during PE.

Freshmen Friday | Ava Roman

Ava Roman is an artist, a chef, adores her dog, and is a freshman at this school. With her very social personality, she is always fun to talk with and be around with. She is still finding her way and is still adjusting to high school, but she loves Mt. SAC Early College Academy (MECA).
One thing she loves most in life is her dog Molly.

“I usually bring my dog [Molly] into my room … I like [to] have a conversation with my dog … Or just watch YouTube with her … I enjoy it,” Ava Roman exclaims.

In her spare time, she likes to cook and experiment with different meals. She recently made a new meal called pesto pasta, but her favorite thing to cook is rice and beans.

Rice and beans … I think is really simple but …when [it’s] homemade, it like hits the spot,”

— Ava Roman

She also joined a few new clubs this year, including Tea Culture Club, Book Club, Paw Patrol, and Fashion Club. In Tea Club, they drink tea and gossip about the world around us, in Book Club, people read and talk all about books, and in Paw Patrol, they raise awareness about animals in shelters. The final club she joined was Fashion Club which is a club where they analyze fashion trends past and present.
During school time and lunch, she loves to hang out with her friends.

“We just [kind] of walk around … and talk. I think [that’s] important to do with friends,” Roman tells me. “Seeing how their day is going … and seeing how they are … having [that] [kind] of interaction with them.”

Ava has many goals she wants to reach this year at MECA. She tells me she is excited for the small school environment and the college credit.

“Maintaining good grades,” Roman explains, as well as “being more open to new opportunities… if there is an opportunity, I want to take it.”
Ava Roman is so excited for the year, and while she is still adjusting, she can’t wait for the challenges that await her.

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