Science Behind MBTI- MECA Personalities


Science Behind MBTI- MECA Personalities

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is an introspective pseudoscience with the goal of identifying a person’s strengths, weaknesses, learning style, motivations, and preferences. It is a widely used personality inventory that has been employed in psychotherapy and educational settings. MBTI helps with understanding one’s self as well as the people around them.

There are 16 MBTI types total, all with their own cognitive function stack and 4 letter label. Cognitive functions, in relation to Myers Briggs, are mental processes that are present in any event (regardless of specific event). Based on your strongest, auxiliary, tertiary, and inferior function, you are assigned four letters. These four letters each have their own representation in one’s personality.

The eight functions in MBTI are: extroverted thinking (Te) or introverted thinking (Ti), extroverted intuition (Ne) or introverted intuition (Ni), and extroverted feeling (Fe) or introverted feeling (Fi). Each function has an opposite, meaning if it is your dominant/strongest function, its opposite would be your inferior/weakest function. An example of this would be in the type ENFJ. ENFJs are social, so their dominant function is Extraverted Feeling. However the opposite of Fe is Ti, meaning their inferior function is introverted thinking. This means ENFJs may not be confident in their own ability to be internally logical. The order of functions are: dominant, auxiliary, tertiary, and inferior. Your dominant function is the most used function. Your auxiliary function assists the dominant function. Tertiary functions are a bit more flexible, and its meaning changes based on the type. Your inferior function is underdeveloped and rarely used.

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Your function stack stack determines your letter code. If your dominant function is extroverted, your first letter will start with E, meaning extraverted. . The second letter can either be N or S, meaning intuitive or sensing. If you are intuitive, you are visionary, abstract, and open to change. Sensors are more down to earth, concrete, and live in the moment. The third letter is either T or F, meaning thinking or feeling. This focuses on decision making. Thinkers have a tendency to be blunt, distant, and value logic. Feelers are warmer, take others into account in making decisions, and value harmony. Logical feelers and friendly thinkers do exist, however. The last letter is either a P or J, meaning perceiving or judging. Perceivers are less organized than judgers and are more flexible with planning. Judgers prefer closure and fast decision making.


ENFJ – “The Mentor” Loyal, Sensitive, Organized & Outgoing; JP Scheel, Ms. Yao

ENTP – “The Inventor” Mischievous, loves debates, Confident & sees possibilities everywhere; Yara Elsayed, Damian Cevallos

ESFJ – “The Caregiver” Responsible, People person & Likes to see others happy; Ms. Mendoza

ESTJ – “The Supervisor” Practical, Natural Leader & Usually a Model Citizen.

ESTP – “The Doer” Outgoing, Action-Oriented & Persuasive.

ESFP – “The Performer” Generous, Practical, Loves People & New Experiences; Maddy Diaz

ENTJ – “The CEO” Natural Leader, Deceitful & Fiercely Independent; Ms. Wilcox

ENFP – “The Discoverer” Passionate, Interested in People, Warm & Friendly; Gracie Padilla, Everett Alquicira, Matthew Diaz, Gloria Amador, Penelope Montes, Victoria Virgen, Aidan Tatlonghari, Ms. Banh

ISFJ – “The Nurturer” Emotionally-Oriented, Respects Rules & Compassionate; Rene Garcia

INTJ – “The Mastermind” Intelligent, Quiet & Analytical; Myint Chel, Charlize Cardona

ISTJ – “The Inspector” Loyal, Faithful and Dependable; 

INFP – “The Idealist” Polite, Shy, & Puts People at Ease; Matthew Korey Rivera, Daniel Barajas, Brain Pham, Mike Cherry, Nathan Alquicira, Ms. Bell

INTP – “The Scientist” Thoughtful, Quiet & Does Not Show Much Emotion; Ms. Maggiore

ISFP – “The Artist” Peaceful, Easygoing & Live in The Moment; Emma Hernandez, James Vega

ISTP – “The Craftsman” Observant, Active & Problem Solvers; Dylan Horowitz, Trennian Moralde

INFJ – “The Counselor” Gentle, Caring & Complex; Lauren Le, Cai Lleung, Kyle Peralta


Isabel Briggs-Myers [Left] next to mother Katharine Cook Briggs.


The founders of MBTI are Katharine Cook Briggs and her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers. It began in the early mid-20th century in the United States. Katharine Briggs noticed her daughter’s future husband had a unique viewpoint on the world around him. This inspired her to research personality type theory.


Not guaranteed to be accurate!

ENFJ: Iroh: Avatar, Joy: Inside Out, Harry Styles, Judy Hopps: Zootopia, Martin Luther King Jr., Zendaya, Moana, Drake, Pope Francis, Blossom: Powerpuff Girls, Aphrodite, Lily Evans: Harry Potter, The Lorax, Wonder Woman
ENTP: Jack Sparrow, Sokka: Avatar, Deadpool, Jim Halpert: The Office, Phineas: Phineas and Ferb, Nick Wilde: Zootopia, Megamind, Cole Sprouse, Sherlock Holmes, George and Fred Weasley: Harry Potter, Pennywise: It, The Joker
ESFJ: Joe Biden, Spongebob Squarepants, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Steven Universe, Woody: Toy Story, James Charles, Cedric Diggory: Harry Potter, Millie Bobby Brown, Snow White, Lois Griffin: Family Guy, Russell: Up, Wanda: Fairly Odd Parents,
ENFP: Rapunzel, Mable Pines: Gravity Falls, Harleen Quinn, John Lennon, Tom Holland, Tyler The Creator, Pinkie Pie: My Little Pony, John Mulaney, Dory: Finding Nemo, Peter Pan, The Onceler
ESTJ: Hermione Granger: Harry Potter, Gordon Ramsay, Draco Malfoy: Harry Potter, Regina George: Mean Girls, Mr. Krabs: Spongebob, Princess Leia: Star Wars, Dwight Schrute: The Office, Candace Flynn: Phineas and Ferb, Princess Tiana
ENTJ: Voldemort: Harry Potter, Plankton: Spongebob, Princess Bubblegum, Alexander Hamilton, Zim: Invader Zim, Jessie: Pokemon, Ursula: The Little Mermaid, Jefree Star, Margaret Thatcher
ESTP: Donald Trump, Han Solo, Thor, Flynn Rider: Rapunzle, Sandy Cheeks: Spongebob, Bart Simpson, Rainbow Dash: My Little Pony, Merida: Brave, Sonic The Hedgehog, Jake Paul, Buzz Lightyear, 22: Soul, Stitch: Lilo and Stitch, Gaston: Beauty and The Beast
INTP: L: Death Note, Albert Einstein, Patrick Star: Spongebob, Bill Gates, Dipper Pines: Gravity Falls, Yoda: Star Wars, Aubrey Plaza, Abraham Lincoln, Stephen King, Kowalski: Madagascar, Greg Heffley: Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Spencer Reid: Criminal Minds
INFP: Luna Lovegood: Harry Potter, David Bowie, Melanie Martinez, Sadness: Inside Out, Violet Parr: Incredibles, AURORA, Gerard Way, William Shakespear, WALL-E, Zuko: Avatar
ISTP: Toph: Avatar, Eminem, Mulan, Shrek, Perry the Platypus: Phineas and Ferb, Bruce Lee, Kobe Bryant, Boba Fett: Star Wars, Snoop Dogg, Megara: Hercules, Kuromi: Sanrio, Peter Parker: Spiderman, Stanley: The Office, Maggie Simpson: The Simpsons
ISTJ: Sheldon Cooper: The Big Bang Theory, Greta Thunberg, Pearl: Steven Universe, Twilight Sparkle: My Little Pony, Jeff Bezos, Queen Elizabeth II, George Washington
INFJ: Elsa: Frozen, Dumbledore: Harry Potter, Lisa Simpson: The Simpsons, Joan of Arc, Kendrick Lamar, Thomas Jefferson, Master Oogway: Kung Fu Panda, Agatha Christie, Atticus Finch: To Kill a Mockingbird
ISFP: Squidward Tentacles, Harry Potter, Audrey Hepburn, Lady Gaga, Micheal Jackson, Eleven: Stranger Things, Camila Cabello, Marilyn Monroe, Rihanna, Lorde, Britney Spears, Pocahontas, The Weeknd, Adam Sandler, Winnie The Pooh, Mike Tyson
ISFJ: Emma Watson, Captain America, Fluttershy: My Little Pony, Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Selena Gomez, Bob Ross, Cinderella, Suki: Avatar, Rowley: Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Piglet: Winnie the Pooh, Liam Payne, Julia Roberts

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Type pairs can introduce a unique dynamic. Check for your type and your crush’s type to see the kind of relationship you have. Keep in mind everything is unique to the individual, so don’t take this too seriously.

Enemies to lovers trope: These duos are the ones you’d see in a cliche romcom, begins with hate and blossoms to romance… ENTP+ISTJ, ESTP+ISFJ, ISTJ+ESFP, INTJ+ESFP
Dynamic Duos: Once you find your other half that you work the best with, you’ll never look back… ENFP+INTJ, INFJ+ENTP, ENFP+ENFP, ENTP+ISFP, ESFJ+ISFP
Scary Duos: These pairings are forces to be reckoned with… INTJ+ESTJ, ENFP+ESFP, ISTJ+ESTP, INTJ+ENTP, ISFJ+ESFJ
Fun and adventure: Together, these duos don’t have a second of leisure.. ENFP+ENFP, ESFP+ESTP, ENFJ+INFP, INFJ+ENTP, ISFP+ENFJ
Straight Up Enemies: ESTP+INFJ, INTJ+ENFP

There are some to disagree with the concept of Myers Briggs. The common argument is that MBTI is only popular because of its simplicity. It advertises the ability to deliver elaborate and accurate descriptions of one’s personality. It’s easy to understand and that is its allure. However, the concept as a whole is believed to force binary behavior and be self-fulfilling. If one sees they hold a strength in one aspect, they may go out of their way to overperform in that area.

Some reliable, psychology-based tests you can take include sakinorva and keys2cognition. However, every test has the capacity to mistype. The most accurate way to find out your MBTI is by researching cognitive functions and determining what applies to you.